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Re-Balance Pilates
Advanced Pilates Education

Re-Balancing Asymmetry
with an
Asymmetrical Approach
to an
Asymmetrical Body

Upcoming 2024 Courses

rebalance re-balance pilates education donna byrne sarah petrich ReBalancing Breath circle
rebalance re-balance pilates education donna byrne sarah petrich ReBalancing dynamic postu

Re-Balancing: Asymmetrical Breath & Posture
Siler City, NC

Location:     Polestar Pilates Southwind Retreat Center

                    300 Southwind Rd.

                    Siler City, NC 27344

Instructors:  Donna Parise-Byrne PT, PRC, NCPT 

                    Sarah Petrich, PT, DPT, PRC, NCPT

Education Credits: 16 Total CEC's
NPCP (Pilates) & APTA (Physical Therapy)

September 27th, 28th & 29th

Asymmetrical Breath  8 NPCP CE's

Friday 1pm - 5:30pm & Saturday 8am - 12pm

Asymmetrical Posture 8 NPCP CE's

Saturday 1pm - 5:30pm & Sunday 8am - 12pm

**Supplemental reformer classes and private sessions with the instructors will be available during this weekend....stay tuned for more information....

Pelvic Health

Re-Balancing: Pelvic Health
Peachtree City, GA

Date TBA soon, 2025

8:00am - 5:30pm EST

Location:     ProHealth PT & Pilates Studio

                    1777 Georgian Park

                    Peachtree City, GA

Instructors:  Hayley Kava, PT, MPT, PRC

                    Donna Parise-Byrne PT, PRC, NCPT 

                    Sarah Petrich, PT, DPT, PRC, NCPT

Re-Balance Pilates Education

Our Unique Approach

Re-Balance Pilates respects the inherent fact that no human being is perfectly symmetrical nor can a person will themselves into perfect posture or alignment.  However, we can teach people how to "re-balance" themselves so that they breath, move and posture ourselves more efficiently.


In order to have ideal movement, posture and alignment one must appreciate ALL systems of the body.  That's why we teach Pilates instructors. physical therapists, and other movement professionals how to combine the concepts of the Postural Restoration Institute® with Pilates to get the best results for their clients.

The Re-Balance Pilates courses are inspired and influenced by the Postural Restoration Institute®, and its founder, Ron Hruska. Their groundbreaking work looking at the tri-planar, asymmetrical biomechanical framework of human function driven by the respiratory and nervous system, is introduced from a Pilates lens. We have worked together with the Postural Restoration Institute®, and have been granted permission to present introductory PRI® concepts within the Re-Balance Pilates coursework. If these courses stimulate further interest and a deeper understanding of the science of Postural Restoration® and its application, we would encourage you to explore the array of programs and courses offered by the Postural Restoration Institute® 

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The Re-Balance Core Principles

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