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The Re-Balance Pilates Approach

Have you ever wondered why you see people with one shoulder lower than the other, a rib that is more flared out, a leg that appears longer, a foot that likes to toe out or why an arch is lower on one side than the other?

At Re-Balance Pilates we appreciate that neurologically, physiologically and habitually the human body is asymmetrical.  It’s this inherent asymmetry, especially in regard to the diaphragm, that dictates the predictable asymmetrical movement and postural patterns seen in clients.  When these asymmetries get beyond a certain threshold of imbalance it leads to dysfunctional breathing, movement, and compensation patterns which contribute to injury & pain.


The Re-Balance Pilates approach integrates the concepts of the Postural Restoration Institute® with the principles of Joseph Pilates in a systematic process in order to balance these asymmetries for functional & efficient movement.   

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