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Why do some people have   one shoulder lower than the other?      one foot arch more pronated?          a rib that is more flared out?            a leg that appears longer?               a foot that likes to toe out?                    ....?

Meet the

Co-Founders & Instructors


Re-Balance Pilates

Dr. Sarah Petrich, PT
Donna Parise Byrne, PT

Re-Balance Pilates Inspiration

The Re-Balance Pilates courses are inspired and influenced by the Postural Restoration Institute®, and its founder, Ron Hruska. Their groundbreaking work looking at the tri-planar, asymmetrical biomechanical framework of human function driven by the respiratory and nervous system, will be introduced from a Pilates lens. We have worked together with the Postural Restoration Institute®, and have been granted permission to present introductory PRI® concepts within the Re-Balance Pilates coursework. If these courses stimulate further interest and a deeper understanding of the science of Postural Restoration® and its application, we would encourage you to explore the array of programs and courses offered by the Postural Restoration Institute®.

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