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rebalance re-balance pilates education donna byrne sarah petrich ReBalancing Breath circle

Re-Balancing: Asymmetrical Breath

"Breath from your diaphragm"...what exactly does that mean?  This course will explain the biomechanics of the diaphragm, how your breathing style effects the posture of your ribcage and how the diaphragm's asymmetry (hint: it's asymmetrical in everyone) effects breath, posture and movement.  With plenty of lab practice on the Pilates reformer and some mat work, this course will guide you through steps to help "re-balance" dysfunctional and unbalanced breathing & correlated posture patterns for more efficient and ideal movement. 

8 Hour Course, 8 NPCP credits, APTA credits possible

Re-Balancing: Asymmetrical Posture

Uneven shoulders, toes or knees the rotate outward, uneven hips...some people are more obviously asymmetrical (scoliosis) than others, but no one is perfectly aligned.  This course will go through the primary dysfunctional and asymmetrical posture and movement patterns and how to "re-balance" them in all three planes of movement.  Lab will primarily be on the Pilates reformer with some mat exercises included to practice putting our re-balance & Postural Restoration® concepts into practice.


8 Hour Course, 8 NPCP credits, APTA credits possible 

rebalance re-balance pilates education donna byrne sarah petrich ReBalancing dynamic postu
Pelvic Health

Re-Balancing: Pelvic Health

Many pelvic health courses focus on gentle breath exercises, gentle pelvic stretching techniques and perhaps some pelvic floor activation techniques.  But most fail to appreciate the importance of pelvic alignment and it's effect on the position and function of the pelvic floor, the effect asymmetry has on each side of the pelvic floor, and how the pelvic floor integrates with the diaphragm to control abdominal and air pressures in the body.  This course inspired by concepts from the Postural Restoration Institute®, will cover all that and more.  Most importantly for Pilates and movement instructors alike, this course will help one integrate active dynamic movement with the pelvic floor on the Pilates reformer, chair, and mat.

16 Hour Course, 16 NPCP credits, APTA credits possible

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