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Hayley Kava, PT, MPT, PRC

Re-Balance Pilates Faculty & Educator

Pelvic Health

Hayley Kava PT, MPT, PRC (She/Her) is a pelvic floor physical therapist and Postural Restoration® Certified (PRC)  provider. As a former collegiate athlete and sports medicine physical therapist Hayley never anticipated becoming so passionate about the pelvic floor.


Giving birth for the first time in 2017 changed everything.  Hayley’s was shocked at the complexity of the pelvic floor and the lack of integrative education, information and support for these very common, but often taboo concerns. Not just for pregnant and postpartum people, but people dealing with pelvic floor problems across all identities and ages.


In 2018 Hayley started her pelvic floor education to compliment her PRI training and in 2020 Hayley started her own business. Her mission with Hayley Kava PT is to ensure that no person feels alone in dealing with pelvic floor problems. She works with individuals 1:1 but also creates free pelvic floor educational content online, to help serve this mission.


 Hayley is a faculty member of the Postural Restoration Institute for the Pelvis Restoration course.  She is so excited to join Re-Balance Pilates with the Re-Balancing: Pelvis Course to continue to spread a deeper awareness of integrative pelvic floor rehabilitation and training to Pilates and other health professionals.

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